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Lasting Lessons from the Culture Crawl

November 18, 2011

Three of  Arizona’s Most Admired Companies – Goodmans Interior Structures, Dunn Transportation/Ollie the Trolley, and McMurry – shared their secrets at the fall BCAZ Culture crawl. They all had a few things in common.

All three companies showed a deep commitment to a greater good. As Adam Goodman said, “You could look at it as just moving furniture out the door, but for us it’s far more than that. We want to change our community.” Dunn Transportation/Ollie the Trolley employees are proud to be considered ambassadors forScottsdale. During the trolley ride, Cricket, the driver, returned waves from pedestrians. “Everyone loves the trolley”, she beamed. “I love my job, I get to meet people from all over the world.” McMurry’s mission focuses on making other companies, as well as theirs, profitable – and then sharing the wealth with the staff (through profit sharing) and community (through McMurry Charities). People love working for a cause that’s larger than a paycheck. What elevates your company’s work to the level of a cause?

All three companies hold employee events, finding creative ways to hold down costs. Dunn/Ollie the Trolley holds barbeques at different times of the day and night, to accommodate all shifts. The VP of Operations, Jerry Durwin, cooks the food himself, at an estimated cost of $125. McMurry’s annual Celebr8ion features a staff talent show – less expensive and more fun than hiring entertainers. The cost of events is not important, but appreciation and camaraderie is priceless.

While you don’t have to offer lavish benefits in order to be a great company, one or two extraordinary benefits can help your company stand out. Dunn/Ollie the Trolley offers fully paid gym memberships. McMurry pays $3000 for successful staff referrals, and a $1000 bonus to those who give ten Toastmasters’ speeches. The companies ultimately benefit from those investments.

Longevity, as well as financial performance, is built into great companies. Goodmans is in its third generation, McMurry its second; Dunn was founded in 1986. What are you doing to build your company into a strong employer brand?

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