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Make the Most of Your Workplace Award – Celebrate It!

September 7, 2011

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” – Tom Peters

Great organizations create greater success by celebrating. Recognizing achievements and milestones boosts pride, camaraderie, and leadership credibility.

Once I was at a national conference at which 50 companies were being recognized with a prestigious award. I asked the CEOs and HR leaders, “So what do you plan to do to celebrate your award?” and was amazed at how many of them said “I don’t know, we haven’t thought about that yet.” Some didn’t plan to do anything beyond an announcement and a press release. What a missed opportunity!

Receiving a workplace award at an event such as Arizona’s Most Admired Companies is exciting, but not everyone from your organization will be there to hear the applause. Maximize the impact of your award by bringing the excitement back to the organization.

People love to work for great companies. A celebration will cement the awareness in their minds that they work for a “Most Admired” company. Leaders can inspire by thanking employees for their role.

What can you do to celebrate a workplace award?

  • Create banners announcing the award. Advertising agency EB Lane’s outdoor banner proclaiming “EveryBody Loves Working Here” not only built pride, it attracted TV coverage.
  • Give all employees a T-shirt highlighting the company as a best place to work.
  • Hold an employee appreciation day with a “We Admire You” theme.
  • Food is always a great way to celebrate. Content marketing firm and national winner McMurry had wood-fired pizza ovens brought on site for a special happy hour.
  • Have a champagne toast.
  • Take a mobile ice cream cart through the office and pass out treats, with thank-you messages attached.
  • Draw for gift baskets or prizes.
  • Decorate people’s desks after hours, including “we admire you” or “thank you” notes.
  • Give employees an extra day off, or a half day off on Friday.

How does your company celebrate workplace awards or other successes, large or small? Let us know! If you comment by September 14, you’ll be entered in a prize drawing.

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